What is the WSR2015?

The Weather Satellite Receiver 2015 or WSR2015 is a Senior Design project done by three students at Sonoma State University. The three students will be working together to essentially build a weather satellite ground station in order to receive weather satellite images. It will consist of a CPU with special software to track satellite passes as well as display the weather images, an antenna to receive the satellite signals, a receiver tunable to different ranges (Weather Satellite, National Weather Report, and FM) with audio output, as well as a speaker. The compact radio will be powered by USB with a 2×16 LCD display and user-friendly menu. Although other antennas may be fabricated and tested, the radio will connect to a quadrifiliar helical antenna known for being used in weather satellite communication. A CPU will be at the output of the radio and will be used to decode signals  and display the actual satellite images received by the weather satellites.


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